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KFM Media operate 2 video capable studios for all types of creative projects with access to our camera, lighting and sound equipment. Broadcast live from the studio, record a multi-camera show for release as a podcast or host an interactive presentation - we can help you develop the platform to take your ideas to the world.

Video streaming from offsite also no problem, we have portable vision studio kits that can be brought to you!

Both studios offer good soundproofing, interactivity options and in room monitoring via an auxiliary feed, so you can keep up with slide presentations and conversations with other web feeds. Our vision control suite supports up to 8 digital inputs (4x SDI, 4x HDMI) and is capable of rolling videos, showing slideshows and adding supers and logo bugs to your feed.

RED ROOM (Studio 1) - 24sqm

Setup for 3 camera live shoot, sound monitoring and video foldback. Includes LED drape lighting and 3 LED light panels.

Podcast Studio Blue Montains
GREEN ROOM (Studio 2) - 18sqm

Setup for single camera live (or post) green screen, sound monitoring and video foldback. Includes 3 LED light panels and 2 profile spots for back lighting.

Green Screen Studio BlueMuntains
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