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KFM Media can begin working with you at any stage of your video production, from pre-production - which includes scripting, choosing talent and locations and determining the style of the video, to shooting and into post - the video editing and sound mixing that is really the final re-write of the script, and serves to polish and re-assert the original message and goal of the production.

We have a lot of experience producing live multi-camera web-streaming projects too, and have a video capable studio in the Blue Mountains - more information on our live video streaming and podcast studio page.

KFM Media also has licensed and insured RPA pilots on staff that can capture aerial photography and video for your production with minimal fuss - more information available on our drone video page here.

The production stages required to produce a video may vary a little from video to video, so our first aim is always to help you find the right format to tell your story. We will work with you to identify the message of the video and whether you have a call to action or tag line that will feature prominently in your film.


Every video will have an important narrative that helps connect with the viewer. That narrative can be told in many ways, and the style of shooting will vary to match it, and we can help you choose the right format to fit your budget and deadline requirements. Some examples are:

- Image montage with music - perfect for highlights videos.

- Voice over with imagery

- Candid interview or testimonial style talking heads

- Interview plus overlay footage

- Scripted piece to camera - presented by a host

- Viral video

- Documentary

- Fully scripted cinematic

Our experienced producers and production team can help guide you through the entire process to create your own vibrant brand awareness and promotional videos, entertainment or viral video and other regular content that captures and builds your audience.

We also assist in the production phase of independently produced content - by providing experienced camera operators, drone pilots, and other production crew and equipment for lighting and sound - and post production services and facilities. We have our edit suite and sound studio for hire, plus a range of sound and lighting equipment.



Below are some case studies some previous video production projects, outlining our initial briefs and the production methods we used to create content for delivery.


Produced for Scenic World Blue Mountains


Produced for the Ironman, owners of Australia's biggest trail running event



Produced for the Leura Garage


Creating content for the sustainable landscape company

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