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KFM Media are licensed and insured to capture aerial photography and video by way of drone (or RPA) cameras. Our current RPA (remotely piloted aircraft) features a 1 inch camera sensor for amazing images up to 4K DCI resolution at 60frames per second. The images captured via drone offer a spectacular vantage point to enhance any video production.

Our drone operations adhere to all CASA requirements and are usually conducted in the under 2kg category, meaning that we can arrange your aerial cinematography with minimal fuss. We are insured to fly at events as well as for film and video production, and we can design flight paths for safe operation for almost any circumstances  (high wind and emergency circumstances are unfortunately unavoidable reasons for grounding our drone operations).


Please contact us to discuss aerial cinematography for your project, as we offer short minimum calls and additional discounts for projects within the Blue Mountains. See also our video production case studies and our drone video reel here below for ideas and inspiration.


Drone Reel
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